If you’re a developer or work in tech, you’ve probably heard of an SDK. We’re going to give you a look at what these tools are and how they work. Software development kits (SDK) are tools provided by the creator of a hardware platform, operating system, or programming language. The purpose of an SDK is to make it easier for developers to create software that works with a given platform or OS.

What is included in an SDK?

Software development kits can include resources and tools for software developers to use. These help developers better understand a platform, more easily design apps, and communicate efficiently with a device or operating system.

Items Commonly Found in an SDK

What does an SDK do?

Software development kits (SDK) are intended to provide documentation, resources and tools for software developers to use when creating apps. SDKs can help speed up the development process by providing commonly used bits of code and detailed instructions for interacting with certain hardware or operating systems.

SDK Examples

Here are a few examples of the world’s most popular software development kits:

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