How to Find My Lost iPhone

Have you lost your phone? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Find My iPhone is Apple’s private app that is dedicated to helping users find their stolen or lost devices. As Position Mobile has learned from Digital Trends, “The app comes installed on every iOS device and can display your missing device on a map […]

Instagram is Rolling Out New Feed Switching Feature

Instagram head, Adam Mosseri, announced on Wednesday that Instagram is testing out a new feed switching feature. According to his tweet, the platform is rolling out some major changes to the way feed works, giving users more options. Apart from Home, which is the feed currently available that shows all the content from people we […]

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel: Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have been thinking about starting a YouTube channel. YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet and it’s an excellent opportunity to share your passion with the world while making some extra money. Here is how you set up your own channel, step-by-step. Steps […]

Should My Business Use Facebook’s WiFi?

Nowadays, people expect WiFi in the same way they expect public conveniences. WiFi is no longer considered a luxury but more a necessity. If you are a business owner, and more specifically if you own a physical shop, you probably provide free Wi-Fi access to your customers. But if you are don’t, do not worry. […]

WhatsApp is Launching a Built-In Sticker Maker

The web version of WhatsApp now lets users turn ordinary images saved on their devices into stickers. The new built-in custom sticker maker of WhatsApp allows users to create and send to other people their own stickers, via instant messaging. The new custom sticker maker feature is free to use, and the stickers created come without […]

Spotify Tests a TikTok-like Feed for Discovering New Music

The new feature that Spotify is testing allows users to scroll through a feed of vertical videos and like them or skip them. The new feature of Spotify, called Discover, works in a similar way to TikTok. The new feature appeared in the latest version of Spotify’s beta iOS TestFlight by Chris Messina. Discover lets […]

Apple Launches Self-Service Repairs

Apple has recently announced a “Self-Service Repair” programme, which will allow customers to fix their own devices. Starting early next year, Apple will make available to the U.S market over 200 original parts and tools. Customers feeling comfortable repairing their own electronics will soon be able to replace the batteries, screens and cameras of iPhone12 […]

Facebook and Microsoft Rolling Out Their Own Metaverse

Microsoft brings metaverse into Teams, as part of Windows 11. According to a recent announcement of the tech giant, from the upcoming year users will appear as live avatars in their web chats and they will also be able to visit and share virtual workspaces. The company’s design is built on the new Mesh technology, […]

Meta Introduces New Ways For Creators To Make Money

After announcing its new corporate name, Meta, the social media giant revealed that is about to launch a number of new features to Facebook in an effort to make the platform more attractive to users and combat competition from other social media services such as TikTok. More specifically, Facebook is trying to entice creators to […]

TikTok Slang & Acronyms Explained

Dozens of slang terms and acronyms have been generated the last couple of years due to TikTok’s rising popularity. The video-based social media app, has become massively popular among Gen Z since its founding in 2016. Teenagers and younger adults are flocking to the app to watch and share entertaining videos, and take part in […]