How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Some of us find ourselves to be more productive when working from home. Fewer destructions equal higher productivity, right? However, others find working from the office to be more convenient, as offices are usually better equipped. In addition to that, they enjoy the fun environment of the office, the team activities and the interaction with […]

8 Tips and Tricks iPad Users Should Know About

iPad’s size makes it ideal for traveling. Its screen is bigger than a smartphone’s, which makes MS Office easy to use. The below list was put together to help you get the most out of your iPad. Here are 8 of our favourite iPad tips inspired by TechRadar. 1.Return to the Top Whether it’s Safari, a […]

We Flew to Nashville for a 2-Day Epic Event

Earlier this week SPE Group (Spigot, Polarity Technologies, Eightpoint Technologies) and Position Mobile travelled to Tennessee, US to celebrate one more big achievement! Employees from our offices all over the world flew to Nashville for the BHAG company-wide gathering, with all the expenses covered, including our accommodation at Dream Hotel. Some of the activities that […]

5 Productivity Tools to Boost Team Efficiency in 2022

Productivity tools and apps make it easy and quick to improve team efficiency, while working remotely, or even from the office. According to TechRadar, these are some of the top productivity apps available in the market right now. 1. Asana • Project management • Convenient integrations • Free tier Asana has been around since 2008. […]

Clubhouse: Dark Mode Has Been Launched on iOS and Android

As Position Mobile has learned from TechCrunch, Clubhouse has started rolling out a new dark mode setting on its iOS and Android apps in the middle of April. “The company says dark mode was a highly requested feature and is designed to make it easier for night owls to hang out on its platform at night. Instead […]

How to Clear Storage on iPhone

Our iPhones are far more than simply phones. Sure, they hold our photos, books, music, and movies, but they also host the apps we use every day for work, socializing, purchases, transportation, financial management, and even our wellness. Because it’s used for so many purposes, it’s common for the memory to quickly fill up. But don’t […]

The Future Edit Feature on Twitter Could Keep Track of Tweet History

According to reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, editing a tweet with Twitter’s impending edit button could leave a digital trace of your tweet’s history. Manchun Wong says in a tweet that the edit function appears to have a “immutable” quality, which means that when a tweet is modified, Twitter may create a whole new tweet […]

How to Use Apple’s AirDrop and Limit Who Can Reach you

AirDrop is a very useful feature for sharing pictures, movies, documents, and other data across Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You may quickly send anything to a friend, or you can use AirDrop to transfer information between your own devices. Apple uses AirDrop to establish a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection between the two […]

Meta has Started Testing the Sale of Virtual Goods

The social media behemoth has begun to test the sale of virtual items, with creators and influencers.The metaverse has created a lot of talk about a brave new world where people can do all kinds of crazy things from their devices. Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social metaverse platform for Quest VR headsets, is testing multiple features […]

Position Mobile: Who we Are & Why you Should Consider Joining us

Position Mobile Ltd SEZC builds immersive mobile apps, engaging with users across the most popular categories on the Google Play and Apple Apps stores. Combining best-in-class industry expertise and consumer interests with proprietary big-data insights, Position Mobile Ltd SEZC develops and fine-tunes apps that offer optimal user engagement at scale. Our expanding portfolio of apps […]